Helping your employees book travel for work doesnít have to be a frustrating experience. Yes, we really said that. Maybe youíre lucky enough to have a skilled travel agent to find the perfect way to get them hither and yon. However, itís more likely the person doing the booking is each individual employee. Either way T&E Solutions can help streamline the process to ensure employees get where they need to be and stick to your corporate policies. Our Partner Concur Travel simplifies this process with their Online Corporate Travel Booking Tool.

Because Concur Travel lets you set the limits for travel, your employees are free to choose their own unique travel plans and preferences within those limits. They can book flights all over the world, get rental cars, hotel rooms and even train tickets that fit their schedule and your policies. It even works with any travel management company, corporate credit card provider or GDS. Concur Travel technology isnít tied to any travel agency or GDS. So you can say goodbye to limited travel inventories. That means your employees get the broadest possible selection of corporate travel content.

Innovative Technologies at Your Fingertips

STATTRAX - Travel Reporting and Automated Analytic, Pre-trip Reporting, Summary Dashboards, Contract Management Functionality, Post-trip Reporting, Expense Management Reporting.

TICKETTRAX - Unused tickets are stored in each travelerís profile and are made available to the agent for application when booking subsequent trips. Part of our account management services is to provide you with monthly unused electronic ticket reporting. Your account manager will also assist t&e SOLUTIONS in securing, when possible, name changes or credits with our preferred airline partners.

ACCESSMOBILE - Our mobile services application allows travelers to review their itineraries, integrate with Outlook and other popular email applications. With Apps for Apple, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

PRECISIONQUEST - Our state-of-the-art automated quality control system checks critical reservation requirements and client specific requirements. Including: 150+ Quality Control Routines, Auto Ticketing, Low Fare Search, Seat Upgrades, Waitlist Clearance Module, Negotiated Contract Monitoring, Travel Policy Compliance, Traveler Preference, Out of Policy Notification, Stat Trax Real Time Interface.

GATEWAYPORTAL - Provide your travelers with access to the information they need using Gateway, our proprietary web portal application. From this customizable site your travelers can book online, learn about company policies or review any other content you choose to provide. Travel managers can create company specific links, including travel policy and company information. You can view reports and provide other information to your travelers. With Gateway you have editing capabilities that allows you to update your company portal at your convenience.

DATAVAULT - Our profile management technology provides ease of use for your travelers allowing them to complete and update their unique profiles on-line. This technology allows for faster implementation and keeps traveler data current by allowing on-line changes 24 hours a day.