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Is your Travel Program ROI
Meeting Your Expectations?

We help your travel program meet it's ROI by increasing travel policy compliance by reviewing over 60 possible categories. We establish realistic vendor partnerships and goals and implement appropriate technologies.

T&E Solutions provides multiple faring platforms to insure access to all fares and ratesand developing and deploying usable key performance indicators. Let T&E Solutions design ROI models that make sense for your company.

Account Management

Your designated account manager will assist you in developing a customized business plan for your travel program. This document will detail the goals and responsibilities of each stakeholder and will describe specific processes, key performance indicators and timelines to insure that your travel program goals are achieved in the time frame allotted for their completion.

The financial impact areas your account manager will focus on include:

Minimizing Transaction Costs
Controlling Purchases at the Point of Sale
Maximizing Suppliers’ Price Competition
Maximizing Purchasing Volumes
Enforcement of Travel Policy Compliance
Establishing Realistic Supplier Goals
On-line Adoption
Program Leakage
Program Consolidation
Sapient Application of Technology
Travel Policy Development
Business Plan Execution